Who would have thought that this economy would make things cheaper?? I’ve noticed a drop in the price of golf equipment… in fact, I just got $300 off of a “pre-owned” set of Callaway Irons… Man I tell you there’s nothing like a new set of golf clubs, especially irons… I mean, a bitchin’ new driver is one thing, but you only get to hit it about 13 times per round (considering that there are 18 holes, you can only use the driver on the tee and only get one tee shot per hole, and there are short holes where you tee off with an iron, and other doglegs and such where you tee off with a wood or low iron to avoid a hazard…)

An iron set, well that’s a different story. You swing one of those clubs at least a couple times on each and every hole… and as any EXPERIENCED golfer… when you first start out, you’re driver crazy–you want the biggest and baddest big stick, you swing for the fences every time, and want nothing more than to break 300 yards, even if the ball winds up in a poor position… but as you progress in the game, you learn how important accuracy is in the second shot and approach, and nothing feels better than a perfect iron shot… you have more control with them because the head is smaller… you really feel like YOU’RE hitting the ball, not just swinging a stick with a grapefruit-sized “thingy” at the end that actually strikes the ball. When I hit a perfect iron shot, I feel like a five-star chef masterfully filleting a fish… coming down right between the ball and the short fairway turf like a razor and cutting the ball out, sending it soaring towards the pin and watching the markings on the ball spin backwards at incredible RPMs… seeing that spin and knowing that i did that… i made it spin like that… then when you finally walk up to the green and see how close the ball landed to the cup and that crater of a divot that you made… that’s much better than pacing off a long drive. Any experienced golfer knows that a good tee shot has no bearing on what will wind up on the scorecard for that hole…

Anyways, I’m gonna cut the ramble at once. Just like the Sopranos, I suppose there’s nothing lef


New Stuffs for Summer!

Despite the major economic downturn, people have been managing to send me money thanks to my GRADUATION ANNOUNCEMENTS! Besides buying a motorcycle, I think I’m going to invest in some new golf equipment…! One of the best things about summer is the golf… the weather is generally nice and the courses stay open late thanks to more daylight. I’m looking forward to GCs dropping their prices too… cross your fingers for that…

and if anyone knows a way for me to put a set of golf clubs on the back of a sportbike motorcycle, I’d be all-ears!

It’s that time of year again!

Wellp, winter’s grasp is loosening up here in southern california, we’ve had some good rain, and it’s starting to stay light later, which means I get more time to golf! I also love the springtime because there’s usually crazy good sales on golf equipment at the local golf shops… but this year, I found all the best deals to be online! Since golf isn’t terribly popular, I have to drive quite a ways to a large, golf-only sporting goods store, so it’s much easier to order online. They have a bigger inventory and i can browse without walking! Now excuse me please while I go “shop” (sit here and order from my laptop!) for a new set of Taylormade irons!

Can’t wait till they get here… lucky rush delivery is available for just a few dollars more!

Nouvelle Vague (New Wave)

Fabrication exhibits are completely revolutionizing trade shows & conventions. When a company builds something that’s completely personalized for the client, the exhibit becomes something unique that will certainly grab your attention, and that’s exactly what some of the better exhibit companys have been doing. I recently saw an aerospace exhibit and Cessna had a fabricated model of one of their planes that was absolutely fantastic. Suddenly, I had an intense interest in light aircraft.

Great work.

Playing it Safe…

When I log into write this blog, I have to enter my password. A password is known as a factor of authentication. dual factor authentication uses two factors, such as a password in conjunction with a “token,” such as a USB key. As an audio engineer, I use certain high-end digital audio software that requires registration with a serial number that only I have, as well as a “dongle” (a USB key) that I have to plug into my computer in order for the program to function. This type of dual factor authentication significantly prevents the software from being pirated, as dongles are much more difficult to come by illegally than a key code or password.

Skilled Trade Profile…

What do custom exhibit builders do anyways? Well, they build exhibits, obviously, and are also known as an “exhibit company” … their work can be seen at trade shows, conventions and the like… when a company hires them, the builders design and create an appealing booth to display the company’s products or services in a way that’s both flashy and intriguing. Betcha didn’t know that they existed, but they do!

Well… my bike broke down…

I need a new Polaris clutch. My transmission is shot, and I suspect that my wife’s Teryx suspension might need to be worked on or even replaced. So, I won’t be going riding anytime soon, and will have to miss Thanksgiving Weekend… 😦 I’ll keep you updated on the status.